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Stad Mechelen laat illegale graffiti op 22 plaatsen verwijderen, maar wil namelijk twee oefenmuren voor graffiti zorgvuldig bepalen ...

Eric Van Eycken - Het Nieuwsblad - 27 nov. 2010

Graffiti Alphabet "Sabataz"

Graffiti sketch with sabataz alphabet. Sample make graffiti on paper. Write my name in graffiti. See also art graffiti murals at Merapi volcano erupted in my town

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Graffiti Murals Merapi

Graffiti mural was created after a volcano erupted Merapi. Mount Merapi erupted on 5 November 2010. Merapi eruption was even more devastating than the eruption of Merapi in 1872.
Residents Hail Magelang regency, Central Java, Merapi eruption incised memories of the events of 2010 in a frame of graffiti art murals. The work of art in painting murals on a wall owned by residents in Yogyakarta, Magelang highway, dated 26 November 2010.

There are three works, each mural panel drawing all the events of the Merapi eruption began drawing lijar molten lava, pyroclastic fury (wedhus trash) and residents flee.
Vertical eruption events become special memories for residents and nearby Magelang because almost for about 10 days the areas exposed to rain ash is very thick and dense.
Pyroclastic fury / wedhus gembel also depicted with a distance range up to a radius of 15 km from the summit.
Massive displacement events for the citizens of Magelang, Sleman and Klaten become special memories for not only humans but animals are also displaced. [Via]

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On December 11, Lezarts Urbains organizing a tour around the graffiti and street art in Brussels.

Accompanied by experts and artists, we suggest you go to meet the work of these artists with unexpected patterns and discover some of the emblematic sites of graffiti and urban art in Brussels but also places where surprises the public does not usually move!

Practical information: € 5 including tours, bus rides. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 50 places available. Listings and info from Caroline: 02/5381512 or caroline@lezarts-urbains.be

Source : http://www.lezarts-urbains.be

Picture : Reset (Atomix - October 2010)

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Graffiti Sketches: Graffiti Alphabet URU

Alphabet graffiti sketches with URU. cool graffiti-style, font size equal and balanced right and left

Two Lurking Phreks

Two Lurking Phreks

TLP Crew


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Le français aujourd’hui - La pensée du discours

Le numéro 170 de la revue "Le français aujourd’hui", consacré à la graphie, parle de tag et de graffiti. Petit aperçu avec les graffitis des rues des Maraîchers et des Pyrénées à Paris.

Le blog "La pensée du discours" aborde une réflexion sur la représentation de la femme dans le graffiti intitulée : "Pour les graffeurs, les femmes ne sont pas encore des hommes comme les autres" et nous offre un "petit conte graffitique".

Source : La pensée du discours

le francais aujourdhui

Graffiti Sketches: Graffiti Alphabet PAS

Graffiti sketches - Graffiti Alphabet Letter PAS. Graffiti sketches with color combinations of red and white

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Graffiti Is Art

Graffiti is art like the picture above. Examples of graffiti art on the walls are cool. Familiar with the call graffiti street art on the walls. See also graffiti alphabet letters / Graffiti A to Z.